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Why are dating apps so expensive

10 Reasons hexlopo.top Apps Suck

Why are dating apps so expensive

Lextech CEO and Chief Geek Alex Bratton explains why the cost of mobile apps doesn't meet organizational expectations. Learn more about how Lextech helps.

Men Pay More Often Than Women The study found that men are 16 percent more likely to pay for apps and sites that offer dating, which surprises approximately no one.

West Coast Dominates The Dating Game Those who live on the west side of the country are about 55 percent more likely to use dating apps and sites than those in other regions. Pay close attention to that language: have paid for a dating app. So these tiny percentages aren't even necessarily why are dating apps so expensive right now for eHarmony or whatever — they just have, at one time, paid for some online dating service.

The low end is less than the weekly coffee budget of pretty much everyone I know with the exception of myself — what what home brew — but I parenthetically digressbut the high end of that is pretty pricey. West Coasters are definitely most likely to throw down for dating services, with a whopping 2.

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